Sanna Culture Manor

Sanna is a sparsely populated village typical for Southern Estonia. There is an old manor house in the centre of village where NGO Sanna Culture Manor is located. Organization works since summer 2009. Sanna Culture Manor arranges art and culture events, workshops, seminars, courses and retreats. Essential emphasis is drawn upon sustainable living and environmental protection. This offers people alternative tourism with local ecological food and hiking in Sanna manor park hiking trails. The manor was built in 1586 and it is a unique and beautiful wooden building surrounded by an ancient park and the clear water Parlijogi (Pearl River). NGO Sanna Culture Manor has begun the renovation of the manor in cooperation with Rouge Local Authorities. As of autumn 2009 the village club rooms were renovated and furnished with traditional broadlooms, sewing appliances, full kitchen, volunteers’ apartments, and carpenters workshop with appliances for traditional and modern woodwork. It is the second year Sanna Culture Manor in cooperation with EstYES invites international volunteers to help with several works as well as to meet artists, experience various workshops and help preparing and running local activities. The work will include building a hiking trail, cleaning manor park. Renovation of rooms in the manor with natural materials and paints will also be part of the work as well. Also work in Sanna organic garden – watering, weeding, planting – is planned. The working day is 6 -7 hours, mainly outdoors.

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