About the Network

Baltic-Nordic Network of Remote Art & Residency Centres brings  together 8 centres located in the remote areas in order to share the experience and ideas how operate in the remoteness and how to interact with local communities.

The network was initiated by the Nida Art Colony and financially supported by the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture. Nida Art Colony is a new Residency & Art Education centre started by Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2011. The documentation of Baltic-Nordic Network of Remote Art & Residency Centres is available at http://remotenet.nidacolony.lt.

The network aims to find out what works, what does not and why when an art centre settles in a province and wants to become a meaningful and useful part of the local life. The main goals of the network are:
– to share network members’ experience in communication with local communities and learn how to do it best;
– to develop cooperation schemes for local communities and art centres while producing and presenting contemporary art;
– to enable the art centres to become an integral part of the local life by involving local community members into the centres’ activities.
The network encompasses a knowledge exchange symposium for curators and cultural managers in 17-20th May 2012, study and work visits in Nordic and Baltic art centers, joint project development on mutually beneficial social interaction, joined trip visiting all Baltic art and residency centers (completed in November), and digital idea exchange platform with a compilation of tips on how to root in the province.

Call for proposals. You are welcome to send proposals to participate in the symposium and share your knowledge on remoteness and communications with communities to vytautas@nidacolony.lt

Members of the network:
1. Centre for Art and Social Practice MoKS (Mooste, 4 hours away from Tallinn, Estonia, www.moks.ee)
2. Sanna Culture Manor (Sanna, 4 hours away from Tallinn, Estonia, www.kultuurimois.kultuuritehas.ee)
3. Interdisciplinary Art Group SERDE (Aizpute, 3h away from Riga, Latvia, www.serde.lv)
4. Nida Art Colony of the Vilnius Academy of Arts (Nida, 5h away from Vilnius, Lithuania, www.nidacolony.lt)
5. Kultivator (Färjestaden, 5h away from Stockholm, Sweden, http://kultivator.org)
6. Nes Artist Residency (Skagaströnd, 5h away from Reykjavik, Iceland, http://neslist.is)
7. Art and Nature Center Mustarinda (Hyrynsalmi, 8h away from Helsinki, Finland, http://mustarinda.fi)
8. Center for visual Art Skaftfell (8h away from Reykjavik, Iceland, http://skaftfell.is)

Baltic-Nordic Network of Remote Art & Residency Centres

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