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Other remote residencies in Northern Iceland (IS3)

While traveling along northern coast, you can find three more residencies on the mainland and one on the island.

Coast next to Hofsos town
Open geothermal swiming pool in Hofsos helps to bridge remoteness


Baer residency centre is located in the former farm next to Hofsos
You need to travel 400 km from Reykjavik to reach Baer. It has newly renovated and comfortable studios
Baer is located in a spectacular nature spot next to a sea and fresh water lagoon. However it is open only in summer time.
You need to travel eastwards to reach another residency Herhúsið which is located in a former Armyhouse. It has really nice facilities however only one artist is staying at a time


Herhúsið is located in a nice fjord Siglufjördur which is 5 hours away from Reykjavik
Siglufjördur is a place where international art project Reitir is happening. This July it invited over 25 artists to work in a public space. Here is again panorama picture of another small village and you as a spectator could compare it with the one from Skagastrond.
Neighbourhood fjord Ólafsfjörður is also hosting a residency


Listhús is a relatively new programme which is able to host up to 3 artists at a time
Artists can work outside or in the shared studio which sometimes is turned into gallery space. It still has a feeling of former petrol station
Artists are sharing cosy living room
... and the kitchen
Artwork in process. Artists in residency in August were happy to show around and they told that residency has potential to grow and to use industrial buildings in the neighbourhood

One more residency can be found on the second biggest island in Iceland – Hrísey. It is located in the old school and run by artist group Norðanbál. Old School House Residency in Hrísey can be considered as on of the most remote residency in Iceland because you need to take a ferry which runs only 7 times a day in winter time. I have not visited it personally but you can find out more about it in the website. It seems quite popular because in 2012 August it is already fully booked till Summer 2013.


The route from Skagastrond through Northern Iceland residencies


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