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I was planing to write a travel diary during the trip, but it was just one of those plans, which stay in the prematerialization stage. So, after two weeks, i am starting the trip anew. Replay.

We left Nida Art Colony later than planned. As always. But we left it after all to go 4 hours and to reach Aizpute – a little town in Latvia with a strange name, which sounds a bit nasty if translated in to Lithuanian. There were three of us – John, Vytautas & me. The initial plan was to go to Serde, take Signe with us, go to Sanna, take Hendrik and/or his wife Kadi with us, then go to MoKS, pick Evelyn and go back straight to Nida with full van to spend a couple of days there. At least one night in each place. We have also invited Nordic centers to join us. Apparently, planing is much more easy than leaving duties, deadlines & families behind. Only the initial group of three made the whole trip. 

Signe joined us for the trip to MoKS & Sanna, and parted from us in Riga, on our way back. Long live Signe! Thanks to her we had great presents to bring back – she showed us a road side restaurant ???, which was selling home made bread, cookies, sweets and what not… Thanks to Signe we also had gender balance as well as nice and calm insight into the discussed topics. John MoKS (let me call him this way) was our guru starting with English grammar (because we were writing messages to our spring residents on the way) and finishing with the principles of operation of remote art & residency centers. Vytautas & me were nagging each other for quite some time, although in general there were no big differences in our attitudes. So, this was our team.

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